Student Support Team

The student support team meet formally on a weekly basis. The purpose of the team is to provide for students who have a greater need for support interventions to be put in place. These students fall into the categories of “School Support for Some” and “School Support for a Few” as documented in Department of Education and Skills publication – Wellbeing in Post Primary School, Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention.


Objectives of Student Support Team 

  • Support and augment the lives of students while in school
  • Support at risk and students with additional care needs so that they may enjoy positive experiences at The Abbey School
  • Ensure that students presenting with additional care needs have appropriate access to learning and the curriculum

This support structure operates in tandem with the current Pastoral Care System and Code of Behaviour which caters for the learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs of students and offers “School Support for All”


Members of the Student Support Team

Mr. John Kiely (Principal)

Mr. Pat Donovan (Deputy Principal)

Mr. Conor Hayes (Guidance Counsellor)

Ms. Brenda O’ Donnell (Year Head)

Mr. Darren Carew (Religion Teacher)