Board of Management

The Abbey School Board of Management 2021-2024

The Board of Management manages the school and it reports to the Department of Education and Skills and also to the Trustees, the Edmund Rice Schools Trust.  The Board employs the Principal, Teachers and other staff; it controls finance, health & safety and all policy making. Appeals against decisions made by the Principal are heard by the Board of Management.

There are eight members of the board, four nominated by ERST, two elected by parents and two elected by teaching staff. The Board meets approximately seven times each year and it has a three year term of office. The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board but he is not a voting member of the Board.


Chairperson                                                    Mr. Dominic Hayes

Secretary                                                         Mr. John Kiely

Parents Representative                                 Mr. Paddy Delaney

Parents Representative                                 Mrs. Liza Gleeson

ERST Representative                                     Mrs. Mairead Richardson

ERST Representative                                     Mr. Brian Devlin

ERST Representative                                     Ms. Siobhan Cleary

Teachers Representative                               Ms. Irene Ryan

Teachers Representative                               Mr. Conor Hayes